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    Together, we can give you and your staff a comprehensive,
    no-nonsense insider’s guide on how to get the media coverage that you want.

    Our bespoke courses aren’t tired repeats, full of dull media theories that won’t work in the real world.

    We use insider tips, exercises, and role-play sessions that cover everything from press releases and pitching to product launches. We will give you the practical know-how and skills to get you noticed by the hard-bitten news and magazine editors that we work for every day.

    Our consultancy services will uncover your hidden treasure trove of positive news and feature stories, and pinpoint your valuable in-house ‘experts’. We can also help you win new clients by honing your next big pitch on a tough media audience – us!

    So, take a look at our courses and consultancy services, tell us your precise needs – and we’ll design a package that delivers results. Masterclean uses us for all its media news and press releases, lately we did a press release for carpet cleaning in Chelsea Which was published three day before their Chelsea branch was opened in January.

    James Frazer-Mann travels to Thailand, We have been editing his content for his new website dedicated to the thing that he has encountered while in Thailand.

    ***NEWS**** Crater Vapes launches new website selling a new Vape Pen. We have over seen the content on this new website.