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    Does the phrase “consultant” conjure up an image of an overpaid, self-appointed expert armed with lots of academic theories about running someone else’s business?

    That’s not what we’re about.

    We think you know what your organisation needs most. But we strongly believe that we can use our insider knowledge of the national print media to help boost your business, or raise your firm’s profile.

    With that in mind we have identified three different skill sets:

    1. To road-test your next big pitch, press campaign or product launch – before you have to speak to any hacks.
    2. To tell you about all the hidden stories, and in-house expertise that could produce the positive press coverage that you want.

    3. To give you a winning edge when you next pitch for new client business – by analysing their current profile and offering a journalist’s view of your intended media strategy.

    We designed the three services on this page to deliver these goals.

    If you don’t see exactly what you want, let us design you a bespoke package.

    And before you ask – of course we’ll sign any confidentiality agreements that you feel are necessary.

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